About wetalkrugby and how we work.

With Lionspride.co.za moving to Lionsrugby.co.za, this can be an alternative website for Lions supporters to blog and discuss relevant topics and news. This site will in no way replace Lionsrugby.co.za.

This site was created for all Lions supporters to share thoughts and ideas.

Under every heading you have the opportunity to blog and discuss your opinions and thoughts with every-one. There is a reply feature if you would like to specifically reply to some-one’s comments.

We also, as Lionspride did, have a roarbox (we call it the GIMF box) for easy chat and banter. Invite all your Lions friends to register – as only registered members will be able to comment, see or use the GIMF box. All the latest news will be available as will reviews and previews.

Any offensive language, racist comments or personal attacks will be reprimanded, and if it continues, that specific member will be banned. It will not be tolerated. Another added feature is the Bloggers photo gallery. This is where you can have your picture put up, so that every-one can see what you look like. Only once you have sent your picture, will you be able to view all the pictures in the photo gallery.

This is all the brainstorm of good friend Ed_the_lion. Thanks Ed. He put in a lot of time and effort to get wetalkrugby going.

Have fun, enjoy and if you want anything published, you can mail Ed on edwin.lennox@comcast.net

You can also mail us your pictures if you want it added to the photo gallery.

Lion’till I die