Where to from here?

First the GLRU should try and keep as many players as they can. Keeping the guys and getting them into an European competition is something that should be worked on 24/7.

Second, get rid of the Leopards and the Pumas. They voted against us and we don’t need them on our books. They should be paying us to be there, but they went and voted against us. Let them run on their own from now on. Why should we carry them?

Third, the GLRU should sue SARU and get as much money from them as possible. They set South African rugby back a 100 years and they just proved how incompetent they are! The decision to let the Kings play S15 on no merit will hurt many people for a very long time.

Fourth, the GLRU should find out who voted for and against us. This is something I’m sure many supporters wants to know. It’s almost clear that WP voted against us, but the GLRU was expecting it. We knew where we stood with them from the get go.

On a side note, I’ve heard from a few supporters that they are cancelling their DSTV subscriptions. Good on you. If I had one, I would do the same. Start hurting SARU where it hurts most. You take out the money capitol in SA, you should suffer for it.


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  • I hope the Cheetahs end last in the S15 next year so we can play them and get them relegated!!!

  • Muttley

    How many players did we loan to the Leopards and Pumas over the years. I say recall all our loaned players from all teams immediately and let them suffer

  • JHBLeeu

    Ed, Al eindig die Queens laaste, Bleaky Watson sal nie toelaat dat hulle gereligeer word nie. Die span wat tweede laaste eindig sal moet uitspeel, meriete is mos nie tersprake nie. Hopelik is dit WP of FS en hopelik d@nner ons hulle op. Hoe lekker kan dit nie wees nie.
    Wat Europa betref hoop ek ons kan die ding doen sonder SARU, ek hoop ons kan alle bande breek met SARU en SA Rugby.
    My wens is dat SA Rugby tot ‘n val moet kom tydens OH en JR se tyd. Ek glo ook die Bulle en Sharks het vir ons gestem het. Ironies dat klubsterkte spanne soos die Valke, SWD en Grens ens. ‘n rugbyreus kan uitstem. UJ sal die spanne wen. Dis soos die krimineel en boemelaar wat dieselfde stem as die belastingbetaler het.

  • mufasa

    I just want to point out that the vote count was 23-6. Figure out who the 6 was, it will be easier. Pretty much everyone voted for the Kings. Why? Keep SARU happy. Opportunity to poach players. Free points in S15 next year. Vendettas.
    I’m always a bit tough on the Lions management, but surely you go and lobby some support before such a crucial vote? You don’t go and hope for support because we’re nice guys?
    As much as I hate to admit it, this was the culmination of years and years of mismangement, and people getting complacent with mediocre performance in the union’s management. I hope some heads will roll.

  • I don’t agree mufasa. All Unions got 2 votes. Sharks + Bulls + Lions = 6.
    Hanskakis 1-11 = 22. Oregon Hoskins = 1 for Kings too. The 11 Unions that voted against us took the easy way instead of the right way. This has nothing to do with management. SARU probably promised the Cheetahs some money if the vote for the Kings as SARU has shares in the Kings franchise.
    Can’t blame the Cape franchises as Hanskaki was always in their blood.

  • @JHBLeeu, ongelukkig het Bleaky Kotsen politiek aan sy kant. Dit het niks meer met rugby te doen nie.

  • emiel

    If the Lions broke a valid contractual agreement with the Pumas and Leapards they should not be surprised at the response. The way the Lions team management were notifeid(via e-mail)of their axing also leave a very bad taste in the mouth.I feel really sorry for the players and the long suffering supporters. The Lions have struggled to retain the services of individual star players the last couple of years, so I cant see them having the financial resources to legally force players to abide to their contractual obligations.

  • Patrickm73

    I see and understand the facts of Ed_the_Lion.

    But here is a few facts we need to look at:

    What was the deal with the Pumas and Leopards? The only thing that might save us is the fact that we dont have signed documents, but there is enough e-mails showing we are in the wrong and we might have to pay.

    Why did our coach’s go, are they bad or dont we have money to pay them?

    Then lastly what is our finacial status? Can we really perform without money?

    And lastly is Kevin de Klerk the right man for the job? Has he overstayed his welcome? Personally i think he has been found out that his knowlegde od administration is little to none, and for us to get back on track the first thing that needs to happen is that him and most of his executive should pack there bags.

    Just my views. If we going to start from te bottom, lets clean up before we start!

  • lionsno23

    “Sharks + Bulls + Lions = 6.”

    100% correct

    Perhaps the BIG problem at The Lions has left already, just after the CC Final in 2011!!!

  • bogo


    I agree with you 100%. Supporters get annoyed when you tell them that Lions management is also to blame. Gumede was not a good partner to get involved in initially. They had no other plan on the table before the voting took place last week. To get involved in another competition is not going to happen overnight.

    It might also be a good time to move away from Ellispark. We all know that it is the best stadium in the worst location.

    We have a bunch of good players, but unfortunately not all (mostly 5) will be in a starting line up for another franchise (Excluding Kings.

    You are 100% correct – let’s clean up and start fresh.

  • Lion Roar

    I feel we need to start a campaign to boycott Springbok games at any of the following stadiums, EPS, FNB and Orlando Stadium. South African rugby has turned thiers backs on the Lions! The Test against the AB on the 6th October at FNB (Soccer City) is a good start. I am sure there will still be a few fans, but empty seats will still hurt SARU. Maybe Bulls and Sharks Fans can support us. We must also make it quite clear that who ever sponsors the EP Kings there will be ban on all its products from Lions Fans. Come on lets not give up but rather start standing up. Trust me if this happened to a team in the English Permier League, that would go mad, we need to also show our passion!!

  • Boys. Julle is in vir ‘n moerse skok!!
    Onthou, elke provinsie het 2 stemme.
    Lions het altwee stemme vir hulself gestem.
    Ander 4 groot unies wou buite stemming bly, maar die konstitusie laat dit nie toe nie. Om hul eie stemme dus uit te cancel, het hulle een stem vir Lions en een stem vir Kings gegooi. Dus, 2+1+1+1+1=6
    Nie dat dit saak gemaak het nie….
    Weet ook nie hoekom almal nou vir Joerie Roux kwaad is nie, hy’t fokkol met die storie uit te aai nie. Dis Hoskins en die 14unies, ja Lions ingesluit, wat eenparig besluit het die Kings moet speelkans in Superugby kry.
    Lions moenie nou hul trots in die water gooi met stupid aantuigings soos “fok die bokke”nie! Nee manne, julle is beter as dit. Doen julle fighting oppie veld, dit is al wat tel!!

  • Lion86

    Dis ook moeilik om die fighting op die veld te doen as jy belaglike penalties en geel kaarte teen jou kry soos saterdag, ek se nie SA rugby conspire teen ons nie, maar sulke goed help nie. Al die shocking besluite deur Lawrence het in punte vir die sharks geeinding, maar dit ook gese, Lawrence het nie ons gemaak al daai balle knock nie.

  • Lion Roar

    King Paul, nee ek dink jy verstaan nie wat ek bedoel nie. We are still strong supporters of the Springboks, even though some of our players are overlooked for selection (tell me Daniels is better than Strauss). But this decision was done unfairly by SA Rugby. So if politics need to be played we need to also as the supporting public, make our voice heard, that is if our administrators can not, which in my opionion they have not.

    Hell man , we have just been on a downhill and there is no breaks, when is this going to stop, or what is next? As supporters we need to show that we are gatvol, and one way is to boycott the AB test at Soccer City!

  • mufasa62

    Guys i am just as angry as any other Lions supporter on this forum, however i have to be honest and say as a true Shout-African i cannot turn my back on the Boks, just remember every springbok rugby player that plays For our country have a passion for the game. Do you guys really think that we can blame our bok players for what happened to us?

    I don’t think so, our springboks don’t have any control over what their Unions decide in meetings, therefore i will always support our boks. I will never support any other country!! I am 100% sure that almost every one of our springbok players have lots of sympathy and feel for the lions players because of us not be able to participate in S15 next season. Why should we blame our Springboks?!!! they did not vote against us?!! Am i angry with SARU? Hell YES I AM!!! AM I ANGRY WITH THE UNIONS WHO VOTED AGAINS US!!! HELL YES AM!!! AM I ANGRY BECAUSE WE ARE OUT OF SUPER15!!! HELL YES I AM!! And i can carry on like this for the rest of the day!!

    But our springboks? No Guys they had nothing to do with our faith I mean Really!! seriously!!! i will keep on supporting our Boks why because one of the players on the field in Saturday’s game was a Lions Player (Pat Ciliers) lets not forget that!! and also because our Boks are the The pride of our Country. What if one of your sons would be a springbok at the moment would you then also feel the same? Would your then tell you son i am sorry son i cannot support you and your team because of SARU?

    Please guys let’s not let our anger cloud our judgement, just i also say screw SARU but not our springboks never!!!

    Here is a very true statement that i have read over the weekend and i feel this is what we must do right here right now!!

    What happened in your past does not determine who or what you are, because you have no control over your past and cannot change your past. What is more important is what you do from this very moment into the rest of your future, as every decision and action you take from here on in will hold the key to your success and will determine who or what you really are and will become. Always be realistic and accept that there will always be obstacles and you will make mistakes but that is all part and parcel of any success story in life, as long as you learn from your mistakes, remember the old saying “The road to success is always under construction”

  • Simba

    Aan KingPaul – Jy is in vir ‘n groot skok! Daar is net 2 unies wat saam met die Lions gestaan het. Die ander het ons verraai. Indien jou kamtige stelling waar is hoekom het die ander 4 groot unies nie VOLKOME saam met die LEEUS gestaan en gestem nie? Hoekom sou hulle een een stem? BULLSHIT MAN! ‘n Paar maande gelede het die groot 5 dan byeen gekom onder leiding van Harold Verster om kamtig saam te staan. Jy is ‘n Stormer supporter en jy kry seker lekker fokken skaam en daarom probeer jy nou hulle aksie justify!Jurie Roux is ‘n slang, ‘n rugsteker! Hy saam met met Oregon Hoskins het hierdie kak gedryf! Pionne van die regering!
    To Mufasa62 – SARU is the controlling body of SA RUGBY and if they can’t take a stance and be puppets for the ANC and Cheeky Watson i would rather distance myself from them and all that’s part of them. The process they followed was rotten. I hold nothing against the Springboks but i will not support them. It is a democratic country or is it???

  • I won’t support any other SA Rugby team including the Springboks. I have movies that I can watch when they play.
    While SARU runs things in SA with people like Jurie Roux and Oregon Hoskins being ANC puppets trying to put on a decent show and failing miserably, I have no interest what happens with the Springboks. Actually hope Bryce Lawrence can be in charge of all their games from now on.

  • Lion Roar

    I am not saying we need to stop supporting the springboks, but I do feel that we as supporters need to show our disgust at the way this process was handeled, hence I say we need to boycott just the Soccer City Test. I agree that the springboks still represent us, lucky for us they have not been kicked out of the rugby championship as yet, maybe one day they will as they do not have the right representation, then yes we will show our support then, but right now I feel we need to show SA Rugby the finger!! BOYCOTT THE AB TEST @ SOCCER CITY!!! Watch it on TV at Home!!

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