Lions revolt on hands – Mitch Suspended

According to reports, their seems to be a player revolt at the Lions against head coach John Mitchell.

Apparently some of the Lions players handed a list of grievances to GLRU President Kevin de Klerk regarding the way Mitchell treats his players.

Mitchell has had a history of player unhappiness and if this turns out to be true, it will most likely be a final burial in the death of the Lions. With uncertainty from Sponsors regarding the Lions’ involvement in SupeRugby next season, this will only deepen any doubts they might have.

Personally, I have heard from a couple of sources that their has been unhappiness within the squad regarding the treatment they recieve from Mitchell.

Latest developments is that Mitchell has been suspended with immediate effect.

Hey, my boss sometimes treats me like crap, but it’s my job, and I get paid to do it.

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  • John Mitchell is baie ferm. Ek hou daarvan. Hy is die afrigter, nie ‘n maaitjie nie.

  • emiel

    Mitchel can be very blunt and untactful at times, but its strange that there were no complaints during last years Cury Cup campaign. The main reason they’re getting flack this year is because of their poor onfield performance, despite the injury problems.

  • Lions4Eva

    Keep Mitchell and let those unhappy players leave! The way they have been playing I don’t exactly think they deserve to make comments about anyone. If Mitchell leaves the Lions will go to the dogs and I wouldnt be surprised if we had to see him at the Kings

  • Lions4Eva

    Keep Mitchell and let those unhappy players leave! The way they have been playing I don’t exactly think they deserve to make comments about anyone. If Mitchell leaves the Lions will go to the dogs and I wouldnt be surprised if we had to see Mitchell at the Kings

  • Lion86

    Ag shame did Mitch not powder their vaginas? If I performed like this my boss would have fired me.

  • Astrix

    Last year he was their Hero – now he is to hard. I say keep the coach and let the players go!

  • Muttley

    The players should get over them self, there are enough young players to fill the gap. Mitchell is a great strict coach and he doesn’t take there nonsense if they don’t perform.

  • mufasa62

    When is all this shit going to stop, f….. i cannot believe all the crap that is going wrong for us this season if it isn’t the injuries then it is the sword of getting kicked out of super rugby and then to top it all now the players and the coach are at each others throats.

    Look i got great respect for JM as a coach but maybe their might just be some fault on his side as well i do not think we must just blame the players. I shall like to know who these players are?

    I just hope this whole thing gets investigated and solved in a professional and fair manner. If the players are at fault then they need to be told in no uncertain terms but the same also goes for JM, but this issue needs to be addressed by someone who can do it with great authority and with the necessary respect.

    It just need to get sorted out very quickly because we can hardly afford another issue like this. It has already reach the media as well see This : In BEELD

    This after we played such a great game against the Sharks i actually thought we had a great chance of upsetting the stommers and the Bulls in their back yards but now everything seems so screwed up again!!! No team can perform effectively in such circumstances!!!


  • Scar

    Gents, in Lions country there is always a problem some where, not to sound negative is this just not a excuse so that players can leave or the coach can get fired so that we lightening our financial burden, for me we need the players and we need to keep this coach, and like some else has posted while we were winning there was no problem, possibily the players need to do some sould searching as many have been pretty kak this season

  • LV

    Worst possible news at the worst possible time!

    I don’t think that the GLRU can afford to fire Mitchell now and hire another coach. There may have be severence pay and I don’t think that any good coach will want to take up the job with all this uncertainty.

    Carlos Spencer appears to have lost interest (it just looks that way to me) and I don’t rate Ackerman.

    Mitchell’s treatment of players has been inconsistent and his public criticism of players (particularly Franco – whether you rate him or not) is probably out of line.

    I’m not sure where all these “Super star” players who are ready to start playing Super Rugby and do a better job than the current crop are. The reality is that there is none – this is the best that we have.

    Now if the players are no longer motivated to play and there is no one ready enough in our junior ranks and we can’t fire Mitchell, it’s only going to lead to further dissatisfaction and ofcourse more players leaving the Union and you can be guaranteed that it will be the best ones first.

    The only thing for de Klerk to do is to call a team meeting – maybe even go away for a weekend, away from the media so that everybody can air their grievences without fear of public knowledge and say what they want. They need to thrash this out like adults and resolve it like adults.

    De Klerk needs to be very strong as a chairperson to these meetings and not allow things to get personal. He will need to mediate this very powerfully and make sure that all ill feelings have been surfaced and purged. Josh Strauss may also need to play a very strong role in these proceedings.

    Afterwards they must all get f*k faced drunk together.

  • Lion86

    Agree 100% LV

  • I’m with Mitch on this.

    If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. The Lions revolted when Loffie was fired. The culture at the Lions is that the players want to run the show. So many talented players have been lost due to senior players deciding they don’t want them in the side.

    Close the donnerse union. I’m tired of this k@k. I bet you out of the players and coach, Mitch will find a job first. The way the guys have been playing they deserve smack bottom, but we have the same culture amongst our supporters. Who dares critisice the players? They’re the best and they should be treated the same way.

    To the players that want to revolt. Julle is pissies man. We pay money to support you, and through all your k@k performances, we have stuck by you. Now suddenly you can’t handle the way the coach treats you because your bottom of the log.

    Grow a pair! Do we change teams when we get repeatedly mocked because of YOUR pathetic play?

    This explains exactly why we are where are, because you can’t handle pressure and the truth. Loop!

  • Scar

    Read on Rugby 365 that certain players not sure who they are, are speaking to there agents, I understand that it is there careers and jobs and loyalty in general is just a word, but saying all this we can’t afford to lose the players or the coach, I agree he was playing a risky game plan which did not work in Super Rugby but he has brought a couple of players along from no where which look very promising so you can discount his value to a organization, if he leaves who would want to coach our team, cause you would only be able to look locally and even to some promising local coaches we won’t be a good thing, we can find our selves like the old EP 10 YEARS plus in the wildnerness and when Super Rugby expands be laughed at as potential canditates sad times agian

  • Dewaldt

    This is a joke. Playing rugby is a job and Mitchell is the boss. If I don’t do my job I get fired or disciplined.Why is it only some of the players??This is bullshit. I’m tired of supporting a team that is vastly becoming the laughing stock of rugby.I’ve always supported my team and I can never support another team. But its time the Union get their kak in order.Last year Mitchell was the king and now he’s kak. I’ve got a strange feeling ‘these’ players are ones that have been part of the problem.

  • Lion86

    Just to re-state,I agree 100 % with LV regarding the fact that they have to sort this shit out. The lions union has been pathetic for over a decade now.

    The players strike when their buddy Loffie left was just as pathetic and at the end of it we as supporters got embarrassed seeing our team lose by 70 points to the B&I lions.

    Mitch is no angel, but really now????

  • Lions-Admirer

    This all seems a bit strange. Firstly from all the reports it seems to be senior players – but who exactly are the senior players???? Franco is with the Bok squad and the only other ones are Deon v Rensburg and I suppose Cobus Grobbelaar or CJ.

    Secondly this is very conveniently timed – in 2-3 weeks, if i am not mistaken, the decision takes place regarding including the Kings into Superugby so what would be better for those who want the Lions out than the players being in revolt?

    Thirdly according to Keo it is regarding inhumane trainig sessions and poor man management. The man managemnt side i could understand because Mitchell is quite blunt, we have seen that with Killian and a few others – he will criticize when he feels a player has played poorly. But inhuman training sessions? Most of the time surely Ackers and Carlos Spencer along with Fitness coach Wayne Taylor would take these sessions surely!

    I am not saying there isnt any truth to the rumours, but they could have been blown out of proportion. I think we need to wait to see how this develops.

  • Griek

    I’m finished…

  • I can handle losing, I’ve been handling it for years.

    But slapgat players saying the coach is too hard on them?

    Apparently Josh is the leader of the pack. Who gave you your big break Josh? Who helped you financially?

    If this turns out to be true, I’m walkig into Sportsmans Warehouse and I’m buying myself a Bulls jersey.

  • Kat

    Hierdie is ou nuus. ‘n Maand gelede het nuus al uitgekom oor hierdie ding maar niemand wou my glo nie. Ek het dit toe maar daar gelaat.

    Hierdie saak gaan oor dieper dinge as oor oefenmetodes en ‘n coach wat hard is op ouens. ‘n Coach en sy makkers wat uit NZ kom met ander idees oor hoe ‘n mens moet leef en dit dan kom afdwing op Afrikaner seuns wat anders glo en anders groot gemaak is is ‘n resep vir ‘n ramp. Eintlike rede waarom Killian weg is en lank reeds geignoreer is.

    Willa, Ed, ek het julle al ‘n maand gelede gesê hier kom kak.

  • Lion86

    Talk about grafting and fighting for your unions future… You know these players need to understand, that the kings didnt put them at the bottom of the log, they did it to themselves.

    Injuries did have an impact on beating great teams, but some of the games we could have won even with our injuries. KAK attitude by the players.

  • Kat, soos ek gese het in mail, ek het gehoor van sulke aantygings, maar tot dit in die pers uitkom gan ons niks se nie, want ons wil nie ons verhouding met die GLRU bederf nie.

    Nou dat dit uitgekom het, kan ons dit mos op sit.

  • Kat

    ‘n Ou kan die beste coach in die universe wees maar as hy en sy spelers nie mekaar vind op die ander belangrike aspekte van die lewe nie gaan dinge nie werk nie. As jy weet jy gaan ‘n groot groep spelers moet afrig wat ‘n bepaalde lewens en geloofsraamwerk het moet Bestuur ‘n coach kry wat sulke outjies se waarstelsels sal respekteer en daarbinne sal kan werk (al verskil hy self daarvan).

    Die Bulle is juis so suksesvol want Meyer en Ludeke deel dieselfde waardes as meeste van die spelers.

    Kry vir Jimmy Stonehouse.

  • Kat

    Willa, ek het gesê wat ek wou sê so dis genoeg.

  • LeeuBrul

    Stem saam met Kat. Kry vir Jimmy Stonehouse.

    Hy is klaar in die Lions streek en doen goed met average spelers op die oomblik. Sy teorie en spelpatroon maak meer sin as die nonsense maarmee Mitch die afgelope 2 jaar probeer afforseer.

    Speel vir gebiedsvoordeel en skop die bal in jou eie halfgebied!

  • Ons het die CC gewen met daai patroon.

  • LeeuBrul

    Die patroon sal werk in die currie cup, want jy het meer tyd en minder druk. So ‘n patroon werk nie in Superrugby of in toetsrugby nie!

  • Sarabi

    Bedaar manne, ek dink die ketel het lankal begin kook. Ongelukkig, ongeag dat JM n baie goeie rugby brein het, kan hy nie met mense werk nie, dit is bewys in NZ, Australia en nou weer. Enige mens kan dinge net tot n punt vat en nie verder nie. n Paar jaar gelede het iemand wat in Australia woon gese, Good Luck met JM, die Australiers is baie meer hardekwas as ons manne, dis waarom ek glo hy het te ver gegaan. Voor julle name rondgooi, kom eers agter die regte feite. Ek staan 100% agter die spelers, hulle het bewys dat hulle ongeag watter krisis, vasbyt en speel, ja, hulle het nie goed gedoen nie, maar week vir week het hulle 80min vasgebyt. Kan hierdie bom wat nou ontplof het die grootste rede wees. Vra net, weet nog minder as meeste van julle.

  • StefJo

    Die tydsbereking maak glad nie sin nie. Iets moes iewers gebeur het dat iemand gesnap het. ‘n Aanhoudende ‘grievance’ sou gekom het einde van die Superrugby. EN so iets sou moontlik 90% makliker gebeur het na nog n verloor. Nie na n goeie wen nie.
    Elton & Franco was nie daar vir ±2weke nie. Maybe was Butch ook nie daar die week nie( Barney se Army). Dit beteken niks,ek sê maar net…
    Moet sê: Ons almal weet hoe ons Leeus kan speel, maar het dit nog nie gesien nie. Dink julle n ander coach soos Jake White bv. (more mental than physical) sal meer uit ons okes uitkry as Mitch?

  • Moedelose Duke

    ek laaik dit as ons so tussen mekaar kak soek en ons kan niks aan die kak waarin die leeus is doen nie.ek weet almal is geregtig op sy eie opinie(willa).so hier is myne ,die spelers word altyd beskerm ,die afrigter is altyd die doos.hoe kan jy n cc wen en die volgende jaar so kak wees, is dit die afrigter wat kaker is ??????? die ouens wat nou speel in die super 15 ,is dieselfde ouens waarteen ons laasjaar gespeel het en die cc gewen het.(sa spanne)so hoe de ma kan ons nou die afrigterblame oor die spelers STRAF OEFENINGE doen,shame gee die ouens n break hulle is kak genoeg of deur genoeg kak ,weet nie meer die verskil nie.ek sou nog nooit n afrigter kon wees nie want helfte van die span sal dood gaan en die ander sal weghardloop,dis dan my werk om die BESTE uit my ouens te kry en as jy dit nie gee nie gaan huil soos n bitch iewers anders want ek het n BAAS wat ek moet tevrede stel nes die spelers of hoe???????kyk ek se nie die blame le net by die spelers nie maar bliksem dit kan seker nie altyd die afrigetr wees nie.hulle word BETAAL om rugby te speel ,dit is die spelers se droom,maar dis ook hulle WERK en werk is werk,hulle het daai besluit geneem saam met pa en ma,so wees n donners man en vat die punch en word groot ,geen speler of afrigter is en sal ooit groter wees as die EENS MAGTIGE LEEUS NIE.dankie vir die geleentheid,ek voel nie beter nie maar wou ook net my OPINIE(willa) lig tussen die manne wat ken

  • Moedelose Duke, WTR het jou Lady Gaga kaartjie vir jou gepos. :D.

    Hier is ons gelukkig as die baas ons groet, maar ons maak vrede met die situasie. Die spelers moet so bietjie goons groei want om oor alles te kak en kerm gaan niemand help nie. Los vir JM net waar hy is…!!!

  • Blesbeer

    Ek is saam met Willa… Behalwe oor die bulls trui, natuurlik!!! Hehe

    Ek het die spelers tot my eie vernedering beskerm en vir hulle opgekom… Nou is ek bitter teleurgesteld!!! Jy werk vir n man wat jou tjank aftrap… As jy dit nie like nie… Fokkof dan!!! Speler revolt? Waar de he’ll het jy dit gesien… Behalwe by die Leeus…

    Die hele SARVU, KINGS, Guma, politieke kak maak my siek!! SA rugby begin een van hulle mees lojale, spontane, happy en passievolste ondersteuners verloor… En ek praat baie kak… Maar nie vandag nie!

    Ek stap by sportman’s warehouse in en koop vir my n Crusaders/ All Black trui… Die is beslis nie Botter wat ek ruik nie!!!

  • Saam jou daar Blesbeer. Koop eerder vir my ook ‘n Lady Gaga kaartjie voor ek ‘n bulls of enige ander SA span trui koop.
    As die Leeus uitval staan ek 100% agter die Crusaders. Kan nie die hanskakies of moftus faithful ondersteun nie.
    Sal hulle net teen die kings ondersteun.

  • mufasa62

    Ouens soos ek reeds gese het ek het baie respek vir ons coach maar ek is ook ‘n man wat glo in regverdigheid. Ek se ‘n saak het verseker 2 kante dink vir julle self as iemand jou van iets gaan beskuldig gaan jy ook graag jou kant van die saak wil stel so ek se Kevin moet hierdie saak met uiterste regverdigheid hanteer en na beide die spellers en JM se kant van die saak luister en ek stem 100% saam met wat LV se dit moet so gou as moontlik gedoen word anders kan ons maar ‘n tweede CC ook koebaai se

    Dis weereens die verkeerde tyd wat hierdie kak nou weer begin. Met ons huidige speller en sterk jong talent wat deurkom kan ons verseker weer die CC wen vir ‘n tweede jaar maar dan moet hierdie kak baie vinnig uitgesort word!!!!

  • Moedelose Duke

    jammer my badmidag baas ed,hoe gaan dit en dankie vir die geleentheid om na mev gaga te gaan kyk,op die oomblik speel die leeus gaga so ek weet nie na wie ek gaan kyk nie,dis tog kouer hier as by julle peee wee wee weee

  • Ek wil sien as ek in my werk jaar na jaar nie my target maak nie. My baas f@k my op en ek se hys tough en lelik met my.

    Stront man.

    Ons het n slapgat kultuur in JHB. Ons het die laaste twee jaar amper soveel wedstryde gewen as wat die Bulls Super titels gewen het. Magtig man!!!

    Ek kies die coach. Hy moet bly. As die spelers nie dit like nie, loop man!

    Met elke coach by die Leeus was daar issues, so waar le die probleem werklik?

  • Wat van n Revolt van die ondersteuners teen die spelers omdat hulle so k@k speel!

  • Moedelose Duke

    ek glo dis vandat jy nie meer kinders kan bliksem nie dat die kindertjies so speelgoed uit die kot uit moer,bring terug die lyfstraf van ouds en alles sal regkom ,dis oor ons wil redineer oor kak en nie meer die fanbelt uitruk of n fluitjie se toutjie(bad memories)uit ruk en blisem nie.soos daai een ou gese het voor die worldcup MOER HULLE ,MOER HULLE

  • Moedelose Duke

    maar willa ,sal REVLON hulle help ,hulle is dan alreeds soooooooooooooooooooooooo sagggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Duke, dis so waar wat jy se.

    Dink net as Francois Pienaar en co vir Louis Luyt gese het Kitch is lelik met hulle.

  • Kat

    Mitch is ge-suspend.

  • En daar suspend hulle vir oom Mitchell. Ag wat, gelukkig is dit amper olimpiese spele. #gatvol

  • Ook nou-net gehoor.


    Klaar met die Leeus.

  • Lion86

    Op die einde van die dag is ons nog laaste op die log. Dis wat saak maak.Results is waaroor dit gaan.Perform op die veld en die coach sal sagter wees

  • Ook net by die Leeus waar die span wat onder op die log is, hulle coach ge-suspend sal kry.

  • Lion86

    Wie de hel gaan ons nou coach??? Ackerman,neeeeeeeee

  • Blesbeer

    Ek lees dit ook nou!!! Ek glo darem nie Kevin sou so besluit ligtelik geneem het nie!! Iets om aan te dink… Kan ons beserings nie te doen he met oordadige oefening en ooreising van die spelers nie? Ek moes net die vraag vra…

    Daar is nou groot kak in Kanaan my mede vriende… Ek hoor so n dikkerige dametjie wat haar note begin oefen vir die show.

  • Kat

    Mitch het ‘n geskiedenis van spelers wat teen hom opstaan. Hoekom? Nie in NZ, Aus of SA wil spelers vir hom speel nie. Hoekom?

    Jy kan die slimste ou in ‘n vakgebied wees maar dit maak nie automaties van jou ‘n goeie onderwyser nie. Iemand wat met mense werk moet met mense kan werk. Dis hoekom almal wat al onder Snorre gespeel het so mal is oor die ou … hy kan eerstens met mense werk … en dan kom rugby … en vir rugby is daar baie experts wat jy kan betrek om te help.

    Ek hoop die unie het nou geleer. Kry iemand met goeie mense skills and dan bou jy experts rondom hom wat na die tegniese goed kyk.

    Kry vir Snorre, of Stonehouse. Beide van hulle weet om mense te respekteer.

  • Lion86

    So gaan die ouens wat nie gekla het nie strike soos toe loffie gefire was??

    Ag hierdie Lions
    OK ek is die Lions:”Jake White jy weet nie waarvan jy praat nie” “Heyneke Meyer, nee dankie, jy wen trofees, ons soek vir Miur”

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