CJ Cleared to do Damage Against the Sharks

Lion and Bok prop CJ van der Linde has been cleared by the Citing Commissioner of contravening Law 10.4 (m). It appears as though it was more of a case of Toby Lynn pressing his forearm against CJ’s mouth area than CJ actually looking to bite the man. It does however beg the question then of what was Lynn’s forearm doing there in the first place…..

Be that as it may, yet another distraction is now behind us and we have 3 good days to prepare for the Sharks who will no doubt be on a high after beating the high flying Stormers.

I for one thought that CJ was a gonner and am very relieved that common sense has prevailed.

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  • mufasa62

    Glad to hear would not of liked to if it was true

  • Blesbeer

    I’m sure that CJ did sink some pearly whites into that forearm but I would have too, if someone shoved his sweaty forearm into my lower face area… Sanity prevailed so off we go… The Coke-tin, the Sharks, a Loosing streak, depleted squad, low morale… My kinda odds!!! After all, I am a Lions-supporter!

    Today I had my Lions wallet on my desk and a guy asked me (with a patronizing smile): “are you a Lions supporter?”… Imagine the expression on his face when I said: “NO… I just carry it so people can feel sorry for me… Here’s ur sign!!!” WTF?

    Hope the backline (now that Taute’s out) looks like this…

  • Blesbeer


    Meyer, Elton, Killian, Coetzee, Deon, Mapoe, Combrink…

  • Blesbeer

    Meyer, Elton, Coetzee, Killian, Mapoe, Deon, Combrink…

  • Blesbeer

    Meyer, Elton, Killian, Coetzee, Mapoe, Deon, Kamana…

  • Blesbeer

    Did I cover all the bases now?

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