Lions Fail Again to Add any Log Points

The Lions played well, but consistently made errors that guaranteed that any and all promising positions were butchered and turned around to the Chiefs advantage. The error count was almost 3 to 1 against the Lions, which basically gifted the game and the bonus point to the host team.

It has to be said that the Chiefs and log leaders in the competition were the better side, but the Lions honestly made their job a lot easier than it should have been. The Lions simply failed to deal with so many things. They failed to deal with the kick offs, they failed to get play into the Chiefs half, they failed to clear the ball away from their 22 properly and failed to convert the territory they did have into points.

It was enough to make a person’s toes curl and teeth gnash to watch a superb turnover, only to have the ball so easily lost very shortly afterwards. To win the lineout only to have the ball recklessly chucked at the feet of the half back, to win a tense up and under contest and 2 passes later the Chiefs have a scrum inside our 22. There were so many good things done only to be undone with sickening regularity.

The Chiefs by contrast we tactically and strategically superior, identifying and exploiting holes with consummate ease and converting their advantage into points, which forced the Lions to chase the game from as soon as the 2nd minute.

Even though the Chiefs scored 4 tries, the Lions defense was not altogether at fault with all the Chiefs scores resulting from errors that they capitalized on swiftly and ruthlessly. The same story once again repeated itself where the Lions worked incredibly hard for their 3 tries but the Chiefs always crossed over with simple ease and effortless grace.

The Lions have had a problem at half back the entire season and have not had consistent quality service from any of the 3 players utilized so far. It always seems like whenever someone is replaced, the replacement looks much better and when we start with the new scrumhalf they are poor. This morning Ross Cronje was woeful, taking an age to release the ball and his passes always seemed to slowly float towards its recipient. The Chiefs were on our inside backs in a flash and quashed any play that may have been planned.

There were no signs of Cronje looking for a break or creating anything. He was simply a distributor and a poor one at that. This was terribly disappointing as it was hoped that based on his few performances already that he would be quite an impact player and a line breaker.

The forwards played exceptionally well in patches, with the set pieces – apart from the kick offs, much better. There were however far too many occasions where the ball was not protected properly and at times it took far too long for support to arrive. This often resulted in their teammates becoming isolated and if the ball was eventually recycled from that tense situation, it was slow and allowed the Chiefs to regroup and ready themselves.

Special mention has to be made for Lions Captain Josh Strauss, who put his body on the line time and time again. When he was given a break in the 70th minute, he looked battered and bloodied and you could see that his face was hiding the pain in his aching body. Franco van der Merwe, who has not been playing well of late finally had a decent match as did Grant Hattingh. It would also only be fair for me to mention Callie Visagie’s and to congratulate him on an error – free performance and for being involved in 1 or 2 steals.

For the Chiefs, Aaron Cruden was particularly savvy and put the Chiefs in good positions. He was well supported by Brendon Leonard who seems to be finding some of his old form.

If anything, the continuity of the Lions did look better than it has been in the past and the team showed glimpses of greater potential. The problem is that this comes off a very low base and any improvement from that is still well below par. But what it does suggest is that it is a platform from which they can grow. I still believe that there are 1 or 2 passengers (possibly more) in the set up, but I will not discuss these at this point.

It is a bit late for the Lions to still be on a learning curve and a disgraceful indication of where our standards have dropped to, that we can even be remotely satisfied with a result such as this, but there was improvement and under more difficult conditions than last week, the Lions played better.

Final score: Chiefs 34; Lions 21

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  • Lion Mike

    Score wasn’t as bad as I expected, but that being said we could have ran them real close if it were not for all the stupid mistakes, I have come to the realisation that we won’t win games until we tighten up and play percentage rugby, we simply do not have enough skill and pace in our backline to play this champagne rugby that JM persists with. Thought our forwards were great, lineout was better than theirs (how often have we been able to say that), scrum was solid, forwards cleaned, turned ball over and disrupted them at the breakdown, think we won 3 times more penalties at the breakdown than them. Hattingh and Botha look awesome. Actually can’t name one forward who had a bad game, even Franco and Baywatch performed okay, but on the other hand can’t name one back who had a decent game. Think it’s time to blood some youngsters on the wings with pace (Like the look of Volminck and Esterhuizen from the Vodacom cup team), move Jaco back to 15, give Andries a go at 12, give Moolman a game at 13 and tighten up a bit and then we might see a difference.

  • Lion Mike

    If we can somehow manage to avoid the chop and are given another two years, imagine what the team below could do in the future if properly coached.


    Other squad players:

    Ruan Venter
    Etienne Oosthuizen
    Ross Cronje
    Marais Schmidt
    Robert De Bruyn
    Guy Cronje
    Du Randt (Prop)
    Ruan Lerm

    That’s 30 fairly talented players, I don’t think we suffer from a lack of talent, just wish that the administrator’s would finally get their act together and fix this freakin union.

  • Lions-Admirer

    Lion Mike

    Fully agree, if the Lions can avoid the chop, the paradox will be that there will be a great deal of depth – you still have to add Mike Rhodes, Bandise Maku, Wickus (perhaps), Whiteley etc, so that is one aspect of the season.

    Hugely impressed with young Ruan Botha, can see why Mitchell rates him so highly, for a 20year old to come in and front up physically and call lineouts was superb. Hope the Lions can hold onto him – super prospect. Also impressed with Hattingh – to step up from Varsity Cup to Super rugby cannot be easy but he is taking the opportunity – cant beleive Western Province didnt contract him before! The lineout is now a real strength, never thought I would say that, but it just shows that the blame was not completely at Callie Visagie’s door, if you add some height in the lifters (Botha, Hattingh) and add in some jumpers we now have a lot of good options. Thought Visagie was also good, and really nice to see JC step up again – very underrated player.

  • Insomniac2011

    Vir eens doen die forwards hul job…dan fail die backs ons. Dankie Ackers…Spencer? Volgende week gaan dit beter gaan. Mark my words! Ek hou van die Coetzee op 12 idee. Mapoe 13. Taute def. op 15! Ons kort net 2 speed freaks op 11 en 14! Ai mis ons Jano nou. Hoe lank is Bondesio nog uit?

  • Kat

    I always believed in Visagie. He’s a great rugby player.

  • Kat

    Despite what everyone else says I still believe Taute’s future lies at 13. Coetzee is doing well at 15 and I wouldn’t want to choose between him and Taute at 15. What are we going to do if Taute moves back to 15 and Coetzee fails at 12 … throw the kid away? No way. Coetzee is everything we need and wanted.

  • Kat

    What is needed now is more consistency in selection and not more changes. Keep the teams as close as to the one that played today and stick with it to build confidence. Our biggest problem is confidence and that will only come by consistent selections. The team needs the coaches’ confidence right now.

  • Insomniac2011

    En o, ja. Ek hoop Baywatch het die kak wat ons supporters hom voer terug in hul keelgatte afgedruk! Hy en Whiteley is ons super subs!

  • Kat

    Make it clear to Taute that he must make 13 work for him. No escape possible in his mind.

  • Insomniac2011

    Kat…wat jy se maak sin, die forwards is uiteindelik georganise, maar wat gaan ons dan maak met al ons ander senters? Maybe Murray op wing try. Hys sterk en het baie spoed. Killian is vinnig, maar nie sterk nie. Mapoe lyk vir my meer na n senter.

  • mufasa

    Daai een Chiefs drie moes nie wees nie. Dit was ‘n knock.
    Die lynstane was vir ‘n verandering goed.
    Nick Mallet se post-game opsomming was spot on.

  • Kat

    Insomniac2011, hou in gedagte dat Janjies nie ‘n fisieke losskakel is nie. Hy is lig en klein. Ons is daarom verplig om ‘n baie fisieke 12 te kies wat alles kan platduik wat daai kanaal aanval. Dit beperk ons opsies. Ons het dan ook gedurig voospelers wat in daai kanaal rondhang om uit te help. In CB rugby is dit minder van ‘n issue maar op SR vlak is dit ‘n ding wat goed bestuur moet word. Ons is hierdie seisoen dan ook al verskeie kere in daardie kanaal suksesvol aangeval. Die Brumbies het dit goed reggekry. As ons ‘n groter meer fisieke losskakel sou hê sou ons meer speler opsies op 12 kon uitoefen maar Mitch-hulle gaan nie opgee met Jantjies nie so ons sal moet hou by groot sterk intimiderende 12′s wat voorspelers vir 80 minute kan stop.

    Wanneer ‘n span gelukkig is om ‘n groot sterk 10 te hê kan die fokus op 12 eerder wees op kreatiwiteit – ‘n opsie wat ek op 12 verkies. Goosen by Vrystaat is veel meer fisiek as Jantjies en gee Vrystaat die kans om meer kreatief op senter te wees.

  • Kat

    Ek het baie gewens ek kon Butch en Jantjies omruil … Butch op 10 en Jantjies op 12 … maar nou ja … sal nooit gebeur nie.

  • Lion Mike

    Kat, I would also like to have continuity, but if things aren’t working we have to keep on changing them until something finally works. The forwards are sorted, wouldn’t change anything for now. I think Coetzee will work at 12, think 10 is his favourite position, but obviously with Elton around 12 is the closest we can offer him right now, look how the Crusaders interchange their 10 and 12, Berrick Barnes also plays 10 and 12. We miss Taute at 15, his counter attacks created a lot of tries for us last season. Hollenbach is being too predictable and is not playing well. His handling was poor, always runs from shallow and crashes, there were a few times when he had numbers outside of him and he decided to take the crash ball option and mess up the chance. Van Rensburg would not make many Vodacom cup teams, even ours, I’m sorry but it’s time for him to go. I only ask for two changes for next week and a few positional changes. On tour, I think this is the best backline we can put out right now:


  • Lion Mike

    Oh and on another note, it’s great that the mighty Kings got klapped by our minor franchise partners with their “full strength Super Rugby team” ha ha.

  • Lion Mike

    Think also Taute’s best chance of making the Bok team is at 15, right now de Jongh,JJ Engelbrecht and even Robert Ebersohn would be chosen ahead of him for the Bok squad. At 15, I don’t see anyone around that is better than him.

  • emiel

    Impressed with the Botha and Hattigh. At last we seem competitive come lineouttime. Frustrating that our most prominant and hardworking players are the ones making silly mistakes.

    Agree with above comment that Lions lack the backs to be play a dynamic game at this level. This backline has not clicked once this year.

    van Rensburg is solid but little else. Mapoe is injuryprone and takes ages to get in form. Killian is a good finisher but is a liability on defense. Janthies is stuggling with his form and Taute is solid but is struggling to impose himself at 13. Coetzee is good under the high ball and punts well but is not much of a threat when joining the line. In all, not a single back comes close at this level

  • Lion86

    Emiel, I think its just the way we play that is making some of the backs look bad. We play dumb predictable rugby.Coetzee and Taute would thrive if they played at the bulls,sharks or stormers. I just realized the last few weeks that engelbrecht who has looked good all season is horrible on defence if the bulls break their structure. Our gameplan is faulty and it is making our players look bad. Deon and our scrumhalves are the only backline players not good enough for this level. We are forcing hollenbach to crash into flanks everyday, they read that every game. That doesn’t make him bad, its just a reflection of our dodgy gameplan

  • Didn’t watch the game. My son had Bulletjie rugby at Loftus.

    Saw the hi-lites, and from the pieces I saw, Elton looked good on attack, just didn’t have some-one with pace running off him.

    Hattingh looked quality. Forwards seemed like they did okay, didn’t see turnovers, but will check the game stats.

    Can’t really comment. But we lost again, with no bonus points from the game.

    Don’t wanna hear we did good because we only lost by 13. Another loss.

  • Blesbeer

    Did I watch a different game? Hollenbach had a very solid game and I even thought that at stages, he had more of an impact than Sonny-bill? Los Hollies net waar hy is en bou nou aan die span!!! Ons het 10 keer beter gespeel en vir eens met determinasie gespeel… Nou is nie die tyd vir veranderinge nie! As ons so speel die naweek is die Blues ons tweede wen!

  • Insomniac2011

    Het julle ouens die Lion bashing weer gesien op Keo? Ons moet n anti-keo ding begin op facebook en soveel likes as moontlik kry! Daai klomp skelms is besig om ons unie baie skade aan te rig! Die ding is, al die mense wat daar lees vat al daai propoganda kop toe en praat dan dieselfde anti-Lion gemors met hul vriende en werk kolegas. Na n jaar van nou af, voel niemand niks vir ons nie en draai ons eie supporters teen ons. Dis tyd om terug te veg!

  • Insomniac2011

    As daai knock drie van die Chiefs nie getel het nie, soos dit suppose was om te wees, dan was die game baie close. Maar nou ja ons is mos Lame Lions. As dit n ander unie was, dan sou dit Table Topping Chiefs struggle past Brave Cheetahs, of Lucky Chiefs beats Bully Boys.

  • Insomniac2011

    Eks regtig siek vir al die Lion bashing. Dis onregverdig om so behandel te word. Die Reds verloor 3 spelers en bliksim amper van die leer af. Die Blues kry Nonu by, maar kak nog af. Kom ons haal Lambie, Sykes, Mcleod, Mvovo, Pietersen uit die Sharks….Steyn, Hougaard, Basson, J Kruger en albei stutte uit. Dan is hul gefok. Ons verloor driekwart ons spelers, maar ons word afgeskryf. Ek se julle…dis Bullshit!

  • Insomniac2011

    Ons gaan hulp van nerens kry nie, niemand voel n f:@k vir ons nie. Almal kyk hoe sink ons, maar voel niks nie…hoekom? Want ouens soos Keo hits dit aan saam sy politieke chommies….man even Lions supporters begin dieselfde ding doen…Ek dink ons ouens moet ons koppe bymekaar sit en iets opdink om die ding te counter.

  • Lion86

    Die probleem is ons gee keo die ammo

  • Lion86

    Dit is nie die beserings wat ons probleem is nie. Ons gameplan en besluite om nie vir pale te gaan nie wat keo al die ammo gee. Ons speel dom rugby

  • Al hoe ons Keo se bek kan stil kry, is om te wen. Daarsy.

  • Kat

    Niks gaan Keo stilmaak nie. Hy haat die Leeus en sal altyd iets kry om ons kak te gee. Sy maatjies by HSM is dieselfde. Al wen ons ook wat gaan hy verskonings opdis hoekom ons andersins nie sou gewen het nie. Beste is om hom te ignoreer. Hy haat dit om geignoreer te word. Ignoreer hom en doen wat anyway gedoen moet word.

  • Lions

    Wie is Keo?

  • cart-

    Visagie had solid outing but on the two occasions that he lost possession Chiefs scored converted tries. Had the Lions controlled possession better they would’ve won comfortably. We had a bigger pack, but one that didn’t dominate. Yes, Cronje isn’t up to scratch at this level

  • Lion86

    Cronje is vodacom cup quality at most. Anyway, it was refreshing to see real lock play from the young botha. He cleaned , climbed into the rucks and mauls and was good in the lineouts. At this stage I will be very happy with a scrumhalf who can pass off the base and doesn’t run 2 meters before passing.


    Interesting read on Keo’s connections and interests regarding the Kings inclusion.

  • Kat

    En nou dat die bliksim weet die Kings is in en die PE stadion sal geld maak is sy argitek seker klaar besig om sy nuwe huis in Plattekloof te ontwerp.

  • Den

    I say lets all give the guys credit!!They played better than in a long while and against a team that,in my opinion,are going to take the title this year.However,I cannot understand this “six try gameplan” that is being spoken of? Surely,the primary plan should be to grind out a win.Most successful teams in this year’s competition are only just grinding out a win.Big positive for me was the 1000% improvement in the forwards.The big negative was the silly mistakes at crucial times.Its as if the guys are trying too hard AND making nervous mistakes!

  • canonharry

    Beter maar hoekom die senior ou voorspelers knock na week na knock, Franco kort rus hy moer diree weg en ek weet hys beter gee hom n break vir n week of bring hom van die bench af. Sonder hatting het hulle on 9 10 kanaal aangeval met Jantjies alleen, toe Kriel opkom weg is dit so Cobus ou maat primere werk eerste asb, tans is kriel beter op vorm, en Hatting moet begin.
    Bravo Botha hyt niks twak gevat nie en is n Bul slot
    Hatting was kookwater, kannie wag om hom en Rhodes saam te sien nie
    Middelveld se ritme is ma eina, stampkar rugga, vluels lyk stadig, Mapoe het darem werk gesoek en beter begin lyk
    Taute op 15, Mapoe 13 en sit Coetzee op Vleuel, gan kyk game toe ons terugval en chase het hy Mapoe en Taute gefloor in n footrace.
    Ross het n afdag gehad hys beter
    Jantjies het lank gevat om te besef hy speel voorvoet rugby\welkom terug JC , paar yster tackles
    So van Tackles gepraat ons het snot uit hulle getackle met tye. Mooi So !!
    Breakdown vrentoe, Mooi so
    Maar balvang? en stupid onberekende passes , en ook net soms.
    selle game teen enige anner span was n wen !!!
    try nou twee weke na mekaar so speel asb
    Dit was meestal goeie leeurugga….5 tree van chiefs lyn af het hulle broekies gebewe ons het hulle met minad daar oorgeboelie, maar ai die brainfarts tussenin??

  • Lions-Admirer

    Willa thanks for putting that link to the article, revealing all the dark arts behind it.

    I was chatting to a lawyer the other day re the whole issue and he said that as the Constitution of SA is the highest law in the country, you could maybe find something in there that stops government meddling in sporting affairs. If you can prove that government ministers are interfering in these aspects, citizens of the country can do what is called a judicial review. This is basically what Judicial review entails:

    “Because the government must obey the law it is possible to take the government to court if you believe it has broken any law. The power that courts have to decide whether a government decision is allowed by the law is called judicial review. Once the court has heard both sides, it may decide the government’s action was unlawful – that is, the action is not permitted by the law and is therefore invalid.”

  • Dewaldt

    I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with the physical approach we had.If we man up to packs like this we can start winning games. The backline lacked creation and innovation.It might not actually be a bad idea to try Coetzee @ 10.Play Elton from the bench.Very impressive games by Botha, Hattingh.Visagie does good things but still lacking that all out performance.Kriel looks hungry for action. My team for the Blues would be : JC Visagie CJ Franco Botha Kriel Hattingh Strauss Cronje Coetzee Killian Hollies Mapoe Taute Subs : Bez Pat Roodt Minnie Meyer Jantjies. Pat, Elton needs some kind of rest.Minnie’s mistakes will be limited.Good sub to have.We will finish stronger.CJ and Kriel looked hungry.We must start getting the balance right. This weekend the Sharks had WAlberts out of the match 22…Don’t just play players there because they once performed there. If Kriel is a better scavenger with less mistakes so be it.If Coetzee creates more opportunities then bench Elton. Hattingh and Botha came in and just played their games.The physicality of Botha.I’m putting my money on it that he will become something very big. Think we are going to smash the Blues.

  • Insomniac2011

    Eks baie bly dat ons forwards nou gesort is. Die idee dat Rhodes, Wikus, Whiteley, Cj, Maku nog moet bykom, maak my sommer excited. Nous dit die backs wat gesort moet word…
    9. Bondesio
    10. Jantjies
    11. Coetzee
    12. Doppies
    13. Mapoe
    14. Murray
    15. Taute.
    Die backline wat ek sal like om te sien as almal reg is. Imagine dan Hollenbach, Butch, Killian op die bench….dan is daar V Rensburg, Des fontain en die jong manne vd Vodacom span. Kom Currie beker….ons gaan groot bekke stil speel later vanjaar. Hoor my lied. Die S15 het ons diepte gebou en n paar nuwe superstars gekweek.

  • Viva_die_Vaal

    Dewaldt you are missing a backline player! Either wing or centre

  • Kat

    L-A the problem here is that the Presidents Council at SARU voted in favour of the Kings’ inclusion. This included the Lions president. Legal wise the decison was not taken or enforced by politicians or Government. Why did De Klerk vote in favour of the Kings’ inclusion? Because (1) he believed after the CC win we wont end lowest of the SA teams (but then injuries blew this out of the water), and (2) he believed the top unions will stand and work together to find a solution. Both backfired. Now that we are clearly last the other unions are not interested in standing with us and in so doing upset their own chances of participation. The CC win was therefore in a way a curse at is gave us false hope that resulted in a vote we should never have made.

  • Kat

    One can write a book: How winning the 2011 Currie Cup destroyed the Lions.

  • Lions-Admirer


    I’m thinking more of a Judicial Review into that company that got that tender without actually allowing other companies any chance that I am sure is illegal, because that would surely be against the law with regards to competition. It would dent their reputation and bring bad publicity and maybe get people removed. I am sure there is a lot of political meddling going on behind the scenes that we arent seeing. The other separate and legal issue is there is a sponsorship agreement with MTN in place still, who I am sure as a third party could possibly sue SARU for breach of contract if the Lions do get removed. They will lose a lot of revenue and exposure which would have enticed them to sponsor the Lions.

    I dont think those were the only reasons that De Klerk voted for the Kings to be in Superugby. He did it because of politics as well – I read one of the presidents (think it was Sharks or Bulls) saying they all pretty much had to support it due to political wrangling – their hands were tied. I doubt very much the Cheetahs want the Kings in, as they know full well that there will be merger considerations with the Lions and not to mention they will be worried that most of the Griquas team will migrate down to the Kings which is a distinct possiblity. The Bulls would also be in a similar boat.

  • Kat

    There was huge political pressure/interference for sure. To go the route you propose woukd require clear proof that Gov gave instructions. Gov is clever enough not to do things in a way that will expose them to legal action. It is all done behind the scenes. Exactly the games Keohane play so well. That there are grounds for legal action againt SARU is possible. It will have to come from the GLRU and possibly its sponsors but I honestly don’t know if the GLRU can afford it anymore. Best in my opinion is to pursue the Europe option.

  • Lion86

    Eks nie seker oor die calls oor mapoe op 13 nie. Hy het OK gedoen op 13 in die currie cup maar ek dink nie hy verdedig solid genoeg om 13 te speel nie. Taute doen glad nie sleg op 13 nie, net de jong doen tans beter daar as hy. Ebersohn se verdediging is dodgy,Engelbrecht weet nie waar om te tackle nie en kyk net hoe spelers verby hom hardloop. Taute en Kahui het eintlik mekaar goed in plek gehou. Hollenbach is ook n yster, net n victim van n swak gameplan.hy het n paar keer sonny bill se tackle gebreuk. Die lions moet regtig aanbeweeg van die ou era af en dus kan grobelaar,franco en doppies maar gaan. Met dit gese hou ek ook van hoe taute by die lyn aansluit op 15, maar daar is geen fout me coetzee op 15 nie. As taute daai offload van hollenbach kon vang sou dit net gewys het wat hul eintlik saam kan doen. Taute se lyne maak hom gevaarlik op 13 en hy is a machine op verdediging. Daar was al calls vir 12 Coetzee 13 Hollenbach 15 taute wat ook nie sleg sal wees nie. Coetzee het n goeie step en sal dan vir hollenbach in goeie gaps kan laat inslaan wat dan ook dieselfde vir taute kan doen. Maar ons kan kies wie ons wil in die senters, die feit is hul kort goeie diens van 9 en 10( jantjies en ons 9′s sukkel bietjie deesdae) en die regte gameplan sal alles verander.

  • Lions-Admirer


    Ja I agree it is a longshot and quite difficult. Really annoys me as I know there is a political schenanigans, just like there were when Luke Watson won his Springbok cap – think of how much more schenanigans will happen if they get to superugby.
    I think the Europe idea is worth pursuing, but I think it will be too hard for travel reasons. The Lions team would have to realistically travel abroad just about every week, and I think European team would find it hard to make the trip all the way to SA just for a week and then go back. Also the Heineken Cup starts in September/October and would conflict with CC.

    The only rugby solution I can think of is allowing the Kings in as a 6th franchise. Keeping the same conference system (to keep the Auzzies happy), and each team still misses out playing a team from each country, like we have missed playing the Waratahs and Highlanders. The way then to accomodate the 6th franchise would be to suggest that a team from each conference then misses playing each other. So the Lions for example would miss playing the Cheetahs, the Highlander the Crusaders etc (particularly as we have a CC and they have an ITM cup). Then that way we still have a four week tour abroad, the only difference really is some get 1 extra home game more than others and the Auzzie/Kiwi sides have to tour an extra week (which makes it fairer).
    The only other alternative is to merge with the Cheetahs for 2 years and then when the SANZAR deal expires in two years to then ask for a separate franchise again. I think the Kings entry will create a lot of depth problems for the Cheetahs because like I said i can see most of the Griqua team heading down to the Kings as I dont think will recruit to many players from Europe.

  • Kat

    L-A, a large consulting firm appointed by SANZAR did look at all alternatives to include a 6th team and their recommendation was not to do it. This is why SANZAR is so rigid in their stance. This is also why the SA delegation lost steam. I get the impression NewsCorp said no and that is why SARU is not even trying to push for the 6th team any more.

  • Kat

    Cats merger will not work. It will never work. Lions and Cheetahs lose a lot of money that way. Unless SARU agrees to give both teams each a full 1/6 cut of the broadcasting money these two teams will quickly fall behind the other teams that each get the full cut. The Cats is why both teams struggled financially. The Cats killed us financially. Gate income must go to so many teams it’s not even worth hosting anything.

  • Kat

    If we must merge why the fff can’t the Kings do so with the Sharks … as it was and should have remained? Why must we now pay for the Sharks?

  • Insomniac2011

    Al wat sin maak vir my…is 2 games. LIONS VS KINGS. Home en away.

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