Lions Fail Again to Add any Log Points

The Lions played well, but consistently made errors that guaranteed that any and all promising positions were butchered and turned around to the Chiefs advantage. The error count was almost 3 to 1 against the Lions, which basically gifted the game and the bonus point to the host team.

It has to be said that the Chiefs and log leaders in the competition were the better side, but the Lions honestly made their job a lot easier than it should have been. The Lions simply failed to deal with so many things. They failed to deal with the kick offs, they failed to get play into the Chiefs half, they failed to clear the ball away from their 22 properly and failed to convert the territory they did have into points.

It was enough to make a person’s toes curl and teeth gnash to watch a superb turnover, only to have the ball so easily lost very shortly afterwards. To win the lineout only to have the ball recklessly chucked at the feet of the half back, to win a tense up and under contest and 2 passes later the Chiefs have a scrum inside our 22. There were so many good things done only to be undone with sickening regularity.

The Chiefs by contrast we tactically and strategically superior, identifying and exploiting holes with consummate ease and converting their advantage into points, which forced the Lions to chase the game from as soon as the 2nd minute.

Even though the Chiefs scored 4 tries, the Lions defense was not altogether at fault with all the Chiefs scores resulting from errors that they capitalized on swiftly and ruthlessly. The same story once again repeated itself where the Lions worked incredibly hard for their 3 tries but the Chiefs always crossed over with simple ease and effortless grace.

The Lions have had a problem at half back the entire season and have not had consistent quality service from any of the 3 players utilized so far. It always seems like whenever someone is replaced, the replacement looks much better and when we start with the new scrumhalf they are poor. This morning Ross Cronje was woeful, taking an age to release the ball and his passes always seemed to slowly float towards its recipient. The Chiefs were on our inside backs in a flash and quashed any play that may have been planned.

There were no signs of Cronje looking for a break or creating anything. He was simply a distributor and a poor one at that. This was terribly disappointing as it was hoped that based on his few performances already that he would be quite an impact player and a line breaker.

The forwards played exceptionally well in patches, with the set pieces – apart from the kick offs, much better. There were however far too many occasions where the ball was not protected properly and at times it took far too long for support to arrive. This often resulted in their teammates becoming isolated and if the ball was eventually recycled from that tense situation, it was slow and allowed the Chiefs to regroup and ready themselves.

Special mention has to be made for Lions Captain Josh Strauss, who put his body on the line time and time again. When he was given a break in the 70th minute, he looked battered and bloodied and you could see that his face was hiding the pain in his aching body. Franco van der Merwe, who has not been playing well of late finally had a decent match as did Grant Hattingh. It would also only be fair for me to mention Callie Visagie’s and to congratulate him on an error – free performance and for being involved in 1 or 2 steals.

For the Chiefs, Aaron Cruden was particularly savvy and put the Chiefs in good positions. He was well supported by Brendon Leonard who seems to be finding some of his old form.

If anything, the continuity of the Lions did look better than it has been in the past and the team showed glimpses of greater potential. The problem is that this comes off a very low base and any improvement from that is still well below par. But what it does suggest is that it is a platform from which they can grow. I still believe that there are 1 or 2 passengers (possibly more) in the set up, but I will not discuss these at this point.

It is a bit late for the Lions to still be on a learning curve and a disgraceful indication of where our standards have dropped to, that we can even be remotely satisfied with a result such as this, but there was improvement and under more difficult conditions than last week, the Lions played better.

Final score: Chiefs 34; Lions 21

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  • Lion86

    We are actually suffering because of the Rebels inclusion. something which should never have happened.

  • LV

    Hate to be the spanner in the works, but I have 2 comments.

    Our lineouts were great, we didnt lose any – but the Cheifs didnt really compete our throws and some of the takes by the jumpers were at their chests and not that high. Throwing still needs to improve… so no resting on laurels yet.

    I know that the main issue about the S15 is that the team that is comming in happends to be the Kings – that is an argument in itself, but what merit do the Lions have at this precise moment to continue staying in Super Rugby?

    The Reds; Brumbies; Bulls; Hurricanes; Cheetahs all went through rebuilding phases and look how quickly they got results. Why have the Lions not been able to achieve the same success in the same amount of time?

    If the decision has already been made and it seems like there is no way to possibly retract from it – that someone has to drop off, what can the Lions possibly say to justify that it shouldnt be us?

    It is very likely that the Lions will either finish 2nd last or stone last again this year and if someone has to be relegated, wouldn’t it be most obvious that it will be the Lions?

    The thing that pisses me off the most is that SARU are f*cking around by not making a formal and clear announcement on what the position is with this issue. The competition is comming to a conclusion already and at this moment everyone is still speculating and formulating obscene reasons as to why the Lions must go.

    Make the fckn announcement already SARU – your lack of decisiveness is contributing to all sorts of negative public comment by low life individuals with alterial motives. This is damaging and humiliating.

    I am a stakeholder and I want to know where we stand and what to expect as well as what the criteria is with regards to staying in Super Rugby.

    Once this is known and understood then I want to know from the GLRU what their alternatives are and what contingencies they have in place should the chopper fall on us.

    It is fckn impossible to plan ahead with something as important as this without full details. All we are doing is pissing in the dark against a gale. It may be too late to impliment the best contingencies if we find out our fate at a very late stage. I have no doubt that the GLRU are working on contingencies, but how can they committ to anything yet?

    F*ck this sh*t to Hell!!!

  • Lion4ever

    Agree, LV. SARU and GLRU must come up with a workable plan. There is no way that we can retain our players if they will not be playing in a competitive league, with sponsorship opportunities and obviously career prospects.

    The Lions at least played with purpose, and even at 20-0 down, they played with a belief that they could win. Hattingh really impressed, as did Ruan Botha. I also thought that Pat and JC played very well, with Callie finally starting to find his feet.

    We just need to improve our kicking game, and reduce the elementary mistakes, and we will be able to be beat any team in the competition. Simple solution in theory, but harder to implement.

  • Insomniac2011

    AMEN LV! Almal is stil. Hul maak dit voel soos n season op tv. Ek dink nie Saru weet self wat om te doen nie. Dis nou meer van n manier hoe om die Lions te verwyder….dis maybe die rede vir die silence. Die Lions doen klaar die job vir hulle. Aan die einde vd seisoen sal niemand iets kan se as hul die Lions drop nie, want deserve dit mos. Die public pressure help nie juis hul saak nie. As die Lions net n moerse statement kan maak.

  • Lion Mike

    Kat i agree with u the kings should merge with the sharks until they can expand the competition. Currently the sharks are the only team who dont have to split their revenue with other unions, if that doesnt happen then i like the idea of a home and away playoff against the kings, if they beat us then they deserve it. We may not have much stake to having super rugby status but we are still better than the kings, if they were reducing the competition back to super 12, then yes i agree we should not be there, but to replace as with the kings is just pure stupidity!

  • Lion Mike

    EP have been around for over 100 years as well, have never even played in a currie cup final, best finish ever 3rd place,played in the first super 10, came stone last, we are the 3rd most successful currie cup team, 2nd most successful super rugby team and come from the most economically powerful city in africa, this take about the eastern cape having talent is rubbish the better players will move on anyways as nothing works in that province and no one wants to stay there. The kings can have their super rugby after they prove they can beat us end of story in my opinion.

  • Kat

    I e-mailed this letter to Ed last week to post here but Ed seems to be missing in action.

    WTF SARU ?!

    Dear SARU,

    WTF are you doing about the SupeRugby mess that you created when you gave the Kings a hand-out entry into the competition from 2013? Why are we still waiting on you to tell all those affected what you will be doing? How are you going to accommodate the Kings?

    Your continued silence and inability to manage the situation is causing a lot of uncertainty, anger and frustration. You owe it to your affiliates and all rugby fans in South Africa to clear this up soonest, but you prefer to stay silent and let the Media run away with it. Do you ever consider what this is doing to those associated with the Lions? “Insensitive” is to put it mildly.

    We deserve better SARU. The GLRU and its players deserve better.
    One cannot help to come to the conclusion that you are clueless; unable to deal with matters like these. One then wonders how SARU officials get into the positions they occupy. Not what you know but who you know sort of thing? By dealing with this as poorly as you do the “who” clearly stands out.

    Your reaction to the news that the delegation that was supposed to negotiate with SANZAR never got going summed it up. No leadership whatsoever from your side. It was left to De Klerk (Lions) and De Villiers (Bulls) to go do the negotiating. SARU chose to sit back and let the chips fall where they may.

    At least you got the H Meyer appointment right the second time ‘round. We first had to do a detour through jungles, deserts and swamps to get to the place we always knew we had a straight path to. But you made the politicians happy with that embarrassing detour. Now you do the same with the Kings. Many will again suffer the consequences. According to the Media it will be the Lions fans, but we would appreciate it if SARU would be kind enough to tell us. Give us the news, whatever it may be. We want to move on in whatever direction we need to go.

    Grow some balls SARU (no, not rugby balls).

    Die Kat.

  • Kat

    May Day for Kings saga

    Mon, 07 May 2012 09:13

    Are the Lions’ days numbered? (c) Gallo The Lions may be struggling to get their game together on the field, but at least one of their biggest questions will be answered in the next couple of weeks. This website can reveal that the Kings saga, and the related uncertainty for other South African Super Rugby franchises like the Lions, will come to a head at a special meeting of the South African Rugby Union later this month. Acting Golden Lions Rugby Union CEO Ruben Moggee confirmed to this website that SARU is “driving the process” that will resolve the uncertainty surrounding the Kings’ entry into Super Rugby in 2013. The emotive issue of the Port Elizabeth-based Kings, who look set to replace one of the five current franchises (Stormers, Bulls, Sharks, Cheetahs or Lions), has been clouded in uncertainty since SANZAR dismissed SARU’s attempt to have the competition expanded and allow for a sixth SA outfit. SARU cancelled a proposed meeting with SANZAR at which they were to discuss the expansion idea and no new date has been set for the meeting, which leaves just one alternative – relegation from Super Rugby for one of the current franchises. But lots of uncertainty remains, such as whether SARU guaranteed the Kings Super Rugby participation beyond 2013. Recent reports suggested that it was a once-off one-year guarantee, while other highly placed officials suggested the Kings were guaranteed a two-year stay. There is also the recent letter sent by the five current franchises to SARU in which they made their views on the Kings’ entry in 2013 very clear: ‘It should NOT be at the expense of one of the current franchises’. SARU, at the time, denied there was any threat of a boycott by the franchises. However, the letter had certain very clear conditions: “That none of the existing franchises shall be prejudiced by such inclusion [of the Kings] in any way whatsoever; That none of the existing franchises shall be eliminated from the tournament in 2013 or at any stage thereafter as a result of the inclusion of the Kings.” All these issues and how the saga will be resolved will be discussed at this month’s meeting. “The meeting is scheduled for the middle of May,” Moggee told this website, adding: “It is then that the whole matter will come to a head. “SARU are driving the process, as they have signed the agreement with the broadcasters.” The uncertainty of whether they will be playing Super Rugby next year has brought with it its own set of complications for a management board that has been struggling to keep the Lions afloat in the face of some spurious claims. Last week they also revealed that they reached an out-of-court settlement with former equity partner Guma TAC in February already and if the Kings saga can be resolved this month, the Johannesburg-based franchise may be able to spend more energy on getting their team to be competitive on the Super Rugby stage.

  • LV

    I will guarantee you all 2 things:-

    1) SARU owe the Lions nothing and will not do any special deal or make any special arrangements for our sake. Why should they? The Lions were party to a unanimous agreement to include the Kings.

    As far as SARU are concerned, they are acting within the mandate given to them by the participating Super Rugby franchises and acted accordingly. They cannot terminate the deal with the Kings now as they got the go ahead from everyone else and will expose themselves to certain legal recourse if they retract. No one, least of all the Lions have the right to insist that SARU cancel the Kings deal – I dont see this as an option for them.

    2) None of the other Unions will come to the Lions aid and no one will boycott the S15 next year. SARU cannot be possibly taking that seriously and will call our bluff any day of the week with that stupid threat. In fact the other Unions will only be too happy to use the opportunity to snap up our best players at bargain prices.

    If the Lions come last and if that is the criteria of relegation, then every single party associated with this debacle will simply tell us that we only have ourselves to blame. – It will be that easy for them to do so….

    But we really knew that from the beginning anyway, so why try fool ourselves.

    My man Willa is right – we need to do the job on the field and so far the Lions, regardless of injuries, have been playing poorly.

  • Insomniac2011

    As die Kings las van ons skouers af is, kan ons begin bou vir die toekoms. Ek weet dit was al baie gese en baie gedoen, maar die keer is dinge anders. Ons het n currie cup gewen, ons het bietjie diepte nou in sekere posisies en dinge begin beter lyk. Se wat jul wil, maar die beserings het ons lelik van die pad af gebliksim. Uiteindelik na n paar games, het die manne voor begin gel en hul voete gevind. Dis nou net die agter spelers. Onthou jul laas jaar hoe ons gesukkel het totdat Mitch die regte kombinasie gekry het. Van daar af het die ouens als begin wen en die selfvertroue het opgebou. Dieselfde gebeur nou. Die keer weet ons darem dat as iemand beseer word, dat n half experienced ou kan in kom en die job doen. Ons het nou backup op haker, slot, flank, agste man en n baie exciting prospect wat either loskakel, wing en baie goed full back speel.

  • Insomniac2011

    En dan het ons moerse goeie diepte op stut en in die senters. Ons kak le nog op scrummie en op die vleeuls.

  • Kat

    We have been playing poorly yes BUT why the hell should the Kings – who’s much worse – get a hand-out? Why is SARU not helping the Lions get back on their feet like NZ is doing to teams that struggle?! SARU has been standing with their hands behind the backs for years while the Lions tried to dig themselves out of trouble. That we are still standing despite this is frikkin AMAZING! SARU + ANC + other have tried for years now to kill the Lions but we keep standing up. Rocky. We desreve to play SR as much as anyone else LV. Why should we we kicked out? Why should we merge with the Cheetahs? Why not the Sharks + Kings as it was designed to be? The Sharks pocket every cent from every angle and shares with no-one and we wonder how they manage to buy so many stars? If the Lions had that they would not be doing so badly and we would not be having this discussion. I am convinced that when the Cats were created it was done with full knowledge that both teams will suffer huge financial losses and that one of the teams will go belly up. Good for both teams not doing so. We must fight the real enemies. Those behind this have now managed to turned Lions supporters against one-another even. They have managed to make this a Lions vs Kings issue which it should never have been in the first place. It should be a SARU vs Kings issue. But SARU turned their backs on us.

    Viva LIONS, viva!

  • LV

    Hey Kat

    I’m really just playing Devil’s advicate and trying to understand the situation from an observer outside the Lions. I will attempt to answer yout questions in that light:

    1) Are SARU oblidged to help the Lions? I know it would be nice and honerable, but what will force SARU to give the Lions special treatment?

    2)The fact that someone of us has to be kicked out is a given and it was probably in SARU’s interests to stall the decision for as long as possible. The obvious call would be to let the team who comes last in the conference to get the chop, but what would happend if that was the Bulls or Stormers? SARU would definately intervene and find some other mechanism to choose another team.

    It was always going to boil down to the Lions or the Cheetahs. We are the “Worst” teams so it would be easiest to cut one of us. The fact that the Lions are at the bottom right now really just makes their decision all the more easier and hence the delay (just in case it was someone else).

    3) The only other team that will take us will be the Cheetahs. Can’t really see any of our players regularly making the Bulls, Sharks & Stormers

    4) The Sharks have done enough in terms of their on field performance not to warrant any disruptions to their current set up.

    In conclusion, we will be having a very different debate right now if the Lions were up there on the log and winning games and lets say that the Stormers were failing due to all their pre season disruptions and were at the bottom of the conference. Then there will be panic stations and SARU will be highly vocal in seriously looking for another solution.

    Bottom line is that the Stormers have earned that preference through results. I hate them, cannot stand them and only wish ill upon them, but I have to grant them merit for being successful in Super Rugby.

    In terms of winning % the Lions are the lowest – we have done nothing in the erea that counts the most to warrent any special treatment by anyone and have weakened our case all the more by playing so badly.

  • lions25

    my rating for the team out of ten
    15 Andries Coetzee 7
    14 Deon van Rensburg 5
    13 Jaco Taute 6
    12 Alwyn Hollenbach 5
    11 Lionel mapoe 5
    10 Elton Jantjies 6
    9 Ross Cronje 6
    8 Josh Strauss (C) 7
    7 Grant Hattingh 7
    6 Derick Minnie 8
    5 Ruan Botha 7
    4 Franco van der Merwe 6
    3 Pat Cilliers 6
    2 Callie Visage 6
    1 JC Janse van Rensburg 6

  • I’m sorry, but the truth and reality is that the Kings’ inclusion has been coming for a while now.

    It has always been that the poorest SA side would make way for the some day. That day has come.

    Yes, we have injuries, but its no excuse for players not committing to defense. No excuse for a player not being able to catch a ball or hold on to it.

    We’re poor, we’ve known this day would come, and now, while we’re bottom AGAIN we want things to change?

    If we are poor, then why do we insist on a place in SupeRugby? We’re not good enough for this level and our performances over the last 10 years prove this.

    If that decision was made, we need to live by it. We should have come out firing from the start, irrelevant of injuries and play with heart and passion. But we’re not.

    It’ll be a sad day if we get relegated, actually when, not if. But we are the laughing stock of Southern Hemisphere rugby, and with the results, we don’t really have a case for our continued inclusion.

  • Lion86

    Willa, Die enigste probleem is dat ons vir die meerderheid van die laaste 10 jaar swak bestuur was. Kevin de Klerk hulle het al baie meer gedoen vir die Leeus. So ek sien hierdie as die eerste regte bou tyd. As hierdie gebeur het toe Loffie nog ons coach was het ek geen probleem gehad nie, maar nou voel ek ons ontwikkel regtig nou spelers. Ja ons is swak en ja ons speel dom rugby maar ek voel regtig dis die verkeerde tyd om ons uit te skop, ons sal verbeter.

    Ons kan maar die unie blameer vir hoe hul bestuur was jare terug. Heeltyd jong spelers laat gaan en aangeklou aan “bestuurs favourites”.
    Ons bestuur wat het vir Jaque Fourie(wat vir die Leeus gebloei het) gese die persoon aan sy binnekant word minder as hy betaal toe hy net soos enige ander professionele rugby speler vir meer geld gevra het. Ons spelers was soos gemors hanteer!!!! En mense noem hom Judas?????????
    As ons toe deur die Kings vervang was, het ek geen probleem gehad nie. Ons was swakker toe as nou en ons het nie nou die bokke nie.

    Ons speel swak en verdien dalk nie om n superrugby span te wees nie, maar nog minder verdien die Kings n kans. Ons kan regkom, die span lyk net of hul n moerse currie cup hangover het.

    Ek stem die verskonings is verby, ons moet perform en dit is dit. Ek aanvaar nie enige beserings verskonings nie.Jong span. Al dit is net verskonings.Ons het talent, hul moet net gekies word, ons moet slim rugby begin speel en ons moet ontslae raak van die bestuurs gunstelinge.

  • Dis wat my so frustreer.

    Ons het die spelers om beslis middel log te eindig, maar elke seisoen is ons onder.

    Wanne gan ons, ons potensiaal realiseer? Nooit nie?

    Daars n kans dat ons moontlik volgende jaar nie SupeRugby gan speel nie, en dan kan ons nie balle vang van afskoppe af nie.

    Ons spelers draf agter rond in plaas van om alles te gee en die dek verdedigig te versterk.

    Ons val van tackles af. Ons pass soos ons gatte. In so n druk situasie is dit mos eintlik wanneer Kampioene gemaak word.

  • mufasa62

    Ek stem saam met Lion86 en Kat. Willa jy en LV maak 100% geldige punte ten opsigte van geen verskonings vir ons span se performance nie, dit is so dat ons swak speel en dat ons dalk nie ‘n plek in super rugby verdien nie, maar ek dink Lion86 en Kat het ook ‘n hele paar geldige punte genoem waarteen ons nie kan stry nie.

    My siening oor die situasie van die KINGS ten koste van ons is dat dit hier gaan oor wat is regverdig en wat nie, ongeag of ons swak presteer tans of nie. Een ding wat Lions86 genoem het wat baie waar is en nou ‘n 100% geldige punt is, is dat ons nou betaal vir die vorige vrot bestuur wat nie hulle werk gedoen het nie, alles goed en wel SARU sal hulle nie daaraan steur nie maar nou vra ek hoekom moet Kevin en die huidige bestuur Afrigtings span en spelers en ons ondersteuners nou betaal vir die vorige vrot klomp se foute!! Daar is verseker mos nou bewys dat ons besig is om in die regte rigting te beweeg ons het ‘n CC gewen dit moet mos bleddie Tel!!! ons het great jong talent hulle kan in ‘n seisoen of twee van nou af in iets groots ontwikkel en ek is seker die huidige bestuur en afrigtings span sal hulle reg bestuur.

    Kom ons wees ook eerlik as al hierdie dinge in aggeneem word moet SARU mos kan verstaan dat ons tog verdien om nog in super rugby te bly. Op ou einde gaan dit ook oor ons bestaansreg as ‘n Unie!! Hoe de fok kan Johannesburg nie ‘n Super Rugby Franchise he nie? Een van die grootse stede in SA dis belaglik ongeag hoe vrot ons tans speel dis myns insiens nie waaroor dit gaan nie. Ons huidige bestuur het met dit wat hulle moes erf van die vorige vrot klomp nie die luuksheid gehad om beter spelers te kon koop wat ons span kon versterk nie as gevolg daarvan het ons nou eers weer op ons voete gekom en weer die lig begin sien, daarinteen het Unies soos die Bulle die Haaie die stommers links en regs net die beste talent opgekoop om hulle in die posiesies te plaas waarin hulle tans is. My vraag is hoe regverdig is dit teen ons om nie al hierdie dinge in ag te neem waneer sulke besluite geneem word nie. Onthou net as ons uitgegooi word kan ons Unie heeltemal sy gat sien en kan dit gebeur dat daar gladnie meer eers ‘n Lions Rugby Unie bestaan nie ek gaan nie uitwei oor hoekom dit so kan gebeur ons weet almal hoekom. Dit sal ‘n fokken patetiese hartseer dag wees as dit gebeur glo my!!!

    Ek se ons moet nog veg vir ons Unie tot die bittereinde toe en ek is seker Kevin sal veg met alles wat hy en sy bestuurs span in hulle het. Selfs al moet ons en die Cheetahs dan nou maar weer saamsmelt ek weet daar is baie argumente daaroor dat dit nie sal werk nie maar ek is seker dit kan werk!! Ons kannie uit Super rugby nie daar moet planne gemaak word!!

  • Kat

    LV, Willa, ek is ook woedend oor ons volgehoue gesukkel. Wie is nie? Dat die Leeus sukkel beteken nie die Kings het nou ‘n reg om ons te vervang nie. Laat hulle ons wen in ‘n promosie-relegasie wedstryd vir daardie reg (en ons weet hoe dit gaan uitkom – die Kings ook daarom soek hulle dit nie). As ons teen die Kings sou wen dan verdien ons ons plek. Sal ons wen? Ja, ons sal! Hoekom dan nie ook Griekwas en Boland dieselfde kans gee nie? Hoekom spesifiek die Kings? Kak man. Dis politiek en gierigheid. Hoeveel swart spelers is op die veld vir die Kings? Transformasie? Ja sure, diegene wat glo in feetjies en die tokoloshe sal dit koop.

  • canonharry

    ons het drie wapens om mee te veg>
    JHB het meeste geld ..
    baie mense
    ons gebruik tans nie een slim nie

  • Kyk, ek se glad nie die Kings verdien hulle plek nie, want hulle doen nie.

    Maar om an te hou stry teen ons relegasie met 15 uit 80 is n stryd wat ons elke keer gan verloor.

  • Kat

    Ek hoor jou Willa. Ons het kak aangejaag en kan nie genade eis nie. Al wat ek ook probeer sê is dat die Kings veel meer kak aanjaag al vir 100 jaar lank en geen reg het om te speel ten koste van die Leeus nie. Die Sharks het hulle uit die SR gekoop. Hulle was in. Hulle het die geld gevat en gemors en met politici aan hul sy kom eis dat hulle moet terugkom. Dit menere is nou om GEEN integriteit te hê nie. En raai waar sit dié manne Sondae? Flippen hartseer.

  • Blesbeer

    Kat, jy maak my bloedrooi in die gesig en stoot my bloeddruk op… Want jy praat waarhede! Ek sou net so moerig gewees het as enige ander unie moes plek maak vir daai klomp historiese sukkelaars!!! Volgens my moes SARU al 10jaar terug dievolgende gedoen het!
    Neem die Kings op in die Currie-beker, en gee hulle al 10jaar terug die posisies in die CC… Dan verander die struktuur van die insluiting na die top 5 posisies in CC… Ons sou so een of twee jare al gemis het maar dit was dan regverdig? Ek verstaan dat waarborge vir insluiting bepaal moontlike groot borg-geleenthede maar niemand sal kerm as dit die criteria was nie? Want die volgende jaar het jy weer n kans om jouself in te speel!!!
    SARU het verwag dat die Lions en Cheetahs sou laaste eindig maar dit WAS slim van hulle om te wag tot dit realiseer!!! Hulle is steeds versigtig dat die cheetahs dalk bo die guppies kan eindig, so hulle wil nie daai aankondiging maak nie! Hoe ookal die resultate was die jaar, ons en die cheetahs sou gekak het!!! Ek het geen respek vir ons eie rugby liggaam nie en weier om verder met SA rugby te doen te he weens die politieke kak!! Ek ondersteun die Lions en niks anders nie!!! SARU het my naar gemaak vir S.A. rugby en dit sluit ons geliefde bok-rugby in!!! Eks klaar met SA rugby!!!

  • Lions-Admirer

    The other issue in this whole Kings episode is the practicality which SARU clearly hasnt thought through, nor many at the Kings. They keep claiming they are going to sign players from Europe that are going to bolster their squad and yet rugby players keep leaving to go to France, Ireland, UK, Japan etc. I just cannot see what players the Kings are going to be able to attract. One thing these administrators and Keo have not thought through is that like themselves and their love of money and revenue, they have not stopped to consider that rugby players also love money and cash, which will scupper the Kings.

    I have read numerous articles that are saying when players come off their contracts in Europe they are going to be approached by by the Kings, and yet I hear of the following

    Ruan Pienaar – 2 year extension at Ulster
    Heinke vd Merwe – 1 year extension at Leinster
    Richard Strauss – wants to play for Ireland
    Rohan Kitshoff (WP Flanker) – signed for Bordeaux
    Alistair Hargreaves – Saracens
    Ashley Johnson – Wasps
    Francois Louw – Bath
    Rudi Coetzee (ex Framesby someone you would think would sign for Kings – signed 3 year deal with Grenoble).
    Van Velze – Northampton

    I could go on and on and on!!!! I just see a trend of players exodusing SA and if the top teams like Stormers, Sharks and Bulls are struggling to keep their players, how on earth are the Kings going to lure players back with small paychecks to play for a team that will be a basement dweller???

  • Kat

    L-A, there are rumours doing the rounds that Gumede is signing offers from his coffers. The will according to Keohane buy a worldclass team that will be the Manchester United of rugby. Ja swaer.

  • Kat

    Reality is they need the Lions to fall out so they can use our players to become the Southern Lion Kings.

  • Kat

    Elke enkele afgod word uit my lewe geruk. Die ANC het ‘n doel … LOL!

  • Kat

    En so moet ons dan rugby en die Leeus ook voor sy voete plaas en vra “Vergewe my! Neem ook dié afgod van my weg.”

  • Lions-Admirer

    Kat, I doubt that very much

    Firstly Gumede was in charge at the Lions for long enough to sign a fair amount of talent – the only people he managed to get were Butch James(who was past his prime and only really keen to play in the RWC more than wanting to return to superugby) and CJ vd Linde who was released by the Stormers. I heard a rumour they were trying to sign Jaque Fourie, ha ha.

    Trust me there rugby club owners in Europe that have more money than Gumede could dream of, Mourad Boudjellal in Toulon is bankrolling Joe Van Niekerk, Bakkies Botha, Carl Hayman, Matt Giteau, Steffon Armitage, Johnny Wilkinson and has made a major offer to Sonny Bill Wiliams – I could go on but I think you get the point. The offers he is making will pale into insignificance in the wake of what European teams can offer. The reality is the European contracts have all expired and there is no word from the Kings about signing anyone.

    And if they want to try and get the Lions players down there, the Lion to spite SARU and to stay competitive in the CC could simply loan their players to other franchises bar the Kings for superrugby and get them back for the Currie Cup – because they are not centrally contracted unlike in New Zealand.

  • Kat

    Hear you L-A. What SARU should have done to make this all more palarable was to allow the Kings in but with a strict quota to make 100% sure they do wbat was promised for entry. That would have made sure building a team from white imports could not happen (as is happening already).

  • Lions-Admirer

    Kat, I actually think that was one of the reasons why Gumede left the Lions. I think he came in expecting to wave a magic wand with all his millions expecting to sign a whole wad of players and when they made offers he probably got knocked back left right and centre. I think the same will happen to the Kings, and I imagine that is why SARU is delaying the whole issue – I think they want to see what squad the Kings will be able to assemble and whether it will be a viable entity at Superugby level.

    But the whole concept of the Kings is built in a flawed premise, they think that just because there are good youngsters being produced there that if you throw some money in from superugby then that will help the region to retain its talent. However, youngsters will always leave the EC to go other universities, other unions who can offer better junionr programmes or just fancy a change of scenery in a new city away from mum and dad. The Kings dont have competitive junionr ranks, nor do they have a Varsity Cup outfit. Infact the Leopards, affiliates of the Lions, have a far better junionr programme – they sometimes beat the unions u19s and U21s and also they have a very competitive Varsity Cup team. The Lions as a franchise when you consider all the feeder teams actually have a far better franchise rugby playing model! It is ludicrous!

  • Kat

    L-A, when all the structures are considered the Lions look very good/healthy. The Kings don’t come close.

    I have roots in the EC. I know it well. Spent many Saturdays on Boet Erasmus and even watched club games in Uitenhage. I also know for a fact that young people there want to get out. I have family that still lives in PE and they all support the Bulls and WP and have always done so even in the days of Danie Gerber and Domkrag. My dad grew up there and left after school and never wanted to go back. He always said it is a depressing area that will never come right because of mindsets that go back many generations. I remember whell how Boet Erasmus was empty after half-time when EP lost. I saw Hennie Le Roux play for EP at Boet Erasmus before he joined the Lions. Same with Garth Wright.

    I don’t hate PE/EP. I just don’t appreciate the way this is done.

  • If the relegation does happen, watch how many Lions players will be loaned to the Bulls.

    Rather that than the Kings.

  • Lions

    Ons moenie ons koppe breek oor dit nie. Daar gaan nog baie gebeur voor hulle ons net uitskop as dit ooit gan gebeur maar moet se as die manne nie reg kom nie verdien hulle om uit te val want hulle maak net meer en meer skande elke game.

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