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  • Ed_the_Lion : 45-10 for the Scotland. Now Saffas are saying it's because the Japs were tired.
  • Lion4ever : Scotland showing SA how we should have done it 12-7 Scotland. 30 minutes gone in 1st half.
  • Joggie : L4E, jy hier?
  • Joggie : Middag
  • Joggie : Eks nog hier L4e! Hoe gaan dit?
  • Lion4ever : Joggie, nog hier?
  • Joggie : Duke en Zibbie sukkel ook seker met die wiskunde....
  • Joggie : Oom Simba het seker sy username vergeet!
  • Joggie : Ek het 3 weke gevat om dit reg te kry
  • Joggie : Dis seker die rede hoekom dit so stil hier is.
  • Joggie : Die wiskunde is bietjie moeilik om in te log hoor
  • Joggie : Ed, ek sien dis nogal stil hier
  • Joggie : Middag Leeus!
  • Mr-T : JA Joggie, ek is steeds of alweer in die DRC, sit nou in Goma
  • Joggie : Middag Leeus! Wie is hier?
  • Ed_the_Lion : Yes, ek is in Amerika Joggie. Het nogsteeds vir Duke 'n Stormers truitjie bestel. Sal him in die pos kry.
  • Joggie : Ag askies Ed, T is in die congo, jy is US of A?
  • Joggie : Ek hoor Zibbie mag nie meer hier kom praat nie, sy baas watch hom! hahaha dikgat
  • Joggie : Bly jy nogsteeds in Congo? of is jy terug
  • Joggie : Ed!!
  • Ed_the_Lion : Duke was nog altyd 'n Stormer. Net gedink hy geniet Leeu geselskap meer en dis hoekom hy hier kom groet het.
  • Joggie : Duke! More aand gaan jou span pak kry teen die MIGHTY LIONS!
  • Joggie : More aand is EFC in Brakpan!
  • Joggie : En Duke kom nie meer op die site nie, want hy bly nou in Hermanus, hy is nou WP! :(
  • Joggie : En Oom Simba
  • Joggie : Middag Leeus!
  • Simba : GO LIONS!!!!
  • Simba : Nou weet ek ook nie waar MrT en Zibbie is nie!
  • Simba : Julle hoef nie. Daai 2 stoutgatte dink ek support die Stormers nou!
  • Ed_the_Lion : SIMBAAA, nee jong ons kruip weg. Baie bang Joggie en Duke sien ons.
  • Simba : ED!!! EDDDD!!! EDDDDYYY!!! Waars jy en Willa?
  • spuddy : Rugby weekends with no lions match are just boring.
  • Ed_the_Lion : Jy is baie welkom Casper.
  • Casper : Dankie Ed, dit lyk of ek nou geregistreer is. Waardeer al jou spesiale moeite in die verband!
  • canonharry : will be tight. we need to win the first 20 min onslaught
  • TunaLion : Lions must really take caution with the Reds game... gonna be much tougher than most people expect
  • canonharry : What a second half. Rev had his own game some decisions was really rubbish Our margin should be bigger. Jantjies take a bow
  • LV : Profit of doom am I... Brilliant win, well done boys!
  • LV : I have such a bad feeling about this game
  • canonharry : so still soos n leeu
  • LionsinPTA : Maak maar gereed vir 0 wenne na 7 rondtes.
  • Joggie : Haaaallllooo
  • Joggie : DDDuuuuuuukkkkke eee
  • Joggie : Eks terug Duke, jy daar?
  • Duke : ok
  • Joggie : Ek kom nou Duke, my baas roep
  • Joggie : So Oom Simba is seker nie bly nie
  • Duke : no way dis flippen mr
  • Duke : dink sy lies gee nog kak
  • Joggie : Burger King is miff
  • Joggie : Speel Pote Fourie die jaar, of is hy nogsteeds beseer?
  • Duke : om te eet.het jy al burger king geet?
  • Joggie : Nie lekker nie
  • Duke : shame skop hom op die blou bul man
  • Joggie : Weer my nou vertel van haar kind se vriend se pa se ma se tannie se oom wat so baie kan eet
  • Duke : ja
  • Duke : jy het dit nounou ook gese
  • Joggie : Sy's nou weg duke
  • Duke : miskien
  • Duke : ja
  • Joggie : Maar ek dink ons manne gaan dit die jaar doen hoor
  • Duke : da is ons wee op een sin joggie
  • Joggie : Dit is ja
  • Duke : hulle kan nou net verniet vlieg kemptonpark toe en miskien edenvale is dit nie?
  • Duke : en as die pay meer word speel hulle slegter is dit nie?
  • Duke : jip ,ek wil iets vra ,hoekom is almal nou nat oor die sponsor ons het nie die beste spelers gekoop nie het ons,so ons selfde ouens is nog daar so hulle pay word meer
  • Joggie : Oom Simba se ons praat net kak, maar hy ken nie eers vir Lance Klusner nie
  • Duke : wat wil jy weet
  • Joggie : Ok, kom ons praat bietjie rugby
  • Joggie : O, daar
  • Duke : in jou gat seker
  • Duke : fl
  • Joggie : Waars my woorde?
  • Duke : nope
  • Duke : jip
  • Duke : ja
  • Joggie : Ja
  • Duke : isit
  • Joggie : Dankie vaderland
  • Joggie : Ok, sy's kla
  • Joggie : Die teef wil nie ophou praat nie Duke, wat kan ek doen?
  • Duke : agenee kak man ek gaan waai ,jy praat soos n gesuipte ou,regtig.cheers
  • Joggie : Ja
  • Duke : seker om te hoor of daar specials is op SKOOL TASSE
  • Joggie : jip
  • Duke : eddie eksteen?
  • Joggie : En Edddie?
  • Joggie : Waar is Tas? Sy was nou die dag hier gewees
  • Joggie : jip
  • Duke : nie
  • Duke : leka
  • Joggie : Hy het groot geword toe Jan Van Riebeeck geland het
  • Duke : nie
  • Duke : sien
  • Duke : ok
  • Duke : o
  • Joggie : Jip
  • Duke : o ok dis nice seker aan simba gedink,hy is nooit hier om rugby mee te praat nie
  • Joggie : Het gou gaan twak
  • Joggie : Eks terug

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October 2015
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Young Lions Team Names for Griquas Challenge

The Lions who will be running out on Saturday will include many new faces. Ackerman has chosen to test the squad’s depth where we will be able to get a glimpse of the prospects within the ranks.


Lions vs Griquas: Preview

The Lions will conclude their amazing Currie Cup group stage when they host the Griquas on Saturday. Where the result will be all but academic for the Lions, it can still be safe to say that they will go out there with the intention of entertaining. 


Welcome John-Wessel “JW” Bell

JW BellThe Steval Pumas fullback and sometime wing, JW Bell, will be joining the Lions after the Currie Cup on a fulltime Lions contract. He will be joining his Pumas team mates Faf de Klerk and Corne Fourie.


Rudy Paige on the bench for the Boks vs USA

Heyeneke Meyer decided to give ex Lions and current Bulls player a break from carrying tackle bags and named him on the bench for the Springboks game against a second string USA Eagles team. Meyer decided not to risk another Pearl Harbour by naming a virtually full strength Springbok side to play the minnows in the final pool match.


Lions vs SunWolves – First Up in 2016

The new Japanese Super rugby side will be known as the SunWolves and the Lions will meet them in Tokyo in their first super Rugby match of the 2016 season.


Lions Punish Province

With this kind of form, there are not enough superlatives in the English language. As a Lions supporter, it was like watching the armies of G-d in all their shinning magnificence and I myself did not know whether to scream in unrestrained delight or drop to the floor weeping in unbridled humility. 


Lions vs Western Province: Match Preview

The two crime capitals of the country will meet each other at the gangster’s paradise on Friday night. One thing is for certain and that is Phiyega and her stats are going to take few more hits come 8 o’clock. 


Lions team play WP

Dylan Smith will start in the front row for the Xerox Golden Lions when they face DHL Western Province on Friday 2 October 2015 at Emirates Airline Park at 18:00.


Lions on the road early in Super Rugby 2016

SANZAR has released the 2016 Super Rugby draw as well as the Africa Conferences’ structures. The Lions will face the Kiwi sides and will be on the road from Round 1, starting against the Japanese Super Rugby side (as yet unnamed) in Tokyo.


Lions Lecture Free State Varsity Boys

The Lions completed a ruthless trip to the fair City of Roses, leaving the team and their well – fed, chopper riding supporters with ten tries to reflect upon.